Benedict Almond

Yet lets be content,
and the times lament,
you see the world turn'd upside down.

Shauna Askew

Sweet Dreams

My paranoia and fears feed my imagination
and surface in my nightmares.

Nia Banwell

An explosion of Panic

An explosive emotion creates explosive thoughts.

Ashleigh Barron

Blood, Sweat and Tears

A creative project can often involve a great deal of blood,

sweat and tears in the making. This piece reflects those

pains, strains, moils, toils and struggles we face when

putting passion into print.

Stacie Beers


This poster portrays that nervous, fluttery feeling in your

stomach when you see that special someone. The text

translates as 'You make the butterflies in my stomach panic'.

The colours represent the Monarch Butterfly, which originates

from Mexico where people speak Spanish, the language of love.

Rachael Booth

Wallpaper that explores the idea that

panic can creep up on us at anytime,

in everyday scenarios.

Adam Brandon

Anxiety is Loves Greatest Killer

Panicing achieves nothing.

Do what feels right.

From the heart.


Emma Brown

Growing Panic

The concept of my piece was based on the expression

'growing panic', I wanted to represent this in the most

literal way by creating several exaggerated panicking

heads and showing them growing out of the ground.

My piece takes a more lighthearted look at the subject

of panic to show how melodramatic humans can be.

The fictional garden is used to heighten the sense of

surrealism and exaggeration.

Alison Buckley

The phonetic spelling of military 'radio speak' is used

to eliminate confusion in order to achieve crystal clear

pronunciation during military communications.

But what happens when that clarity is disrupted?

'Radio Speak' makes us imagine scenes of war,

a tense moment of vital communication.

Presenting that language to intentionally confuse,

hinders the clarity of communication and encourages

a sense of initial unease/ frustration followed by a

realisation that a military communication is telling

you to panic.

Sarah Bush

Panic Nation

Every day we are confronted with contradicting stories in the

news which breed panic and worry. We live in a society of

epidemics fuelled by the media. No liquids please, red wine

is good for you, facebook spreads syphilis, red wine is bad

for you, milk gives you cancer, we are all going to die from

the latest flu...

Helen Butterworth

The Collection of Time

My response is reflective of the daily journeys to and from

university, these documentations are recorded in the train

tickets that I have purchased since starting third year in

September 2009. As time and date is our only structure

that documents daily life, when you remove it, how does

it affect that particular moment or journey?

My interpretation describes a feeling of panic - as the days

of university life are quickly coming to an end and the feeling

of desperation is ever present.

Jemma Conner

Panic kills energy and efficiency

The accumulation of panic results in an individual losing

the ability to operate in a coherent, productive and therefore

efficient manner. This creates a hindering cycle that puts

an end to time, money and energy being spent wisely.

Think about what you have frittered away, panic comes

at a price - avoid it at all costs.

Jenny Craddock

panic / inspire

Inspiring quotes to end panic.

Katrina Currie

Our imagination's are at the mercy of todays media outlets

contributing to society's growing sense of unease and panic

born out of the media's growing capacity to influence our views.

Ryan Doyle

Screen print depicting the effect of mass panic at Hillsborough,

one of the worst football related incidents in history resulting in

96 deaths on 15th April 1989.

Mark Edwards

3 little deaths

A great deal of panic is born from confusion, I have tried

to visualise confusion and therefore panic in this piece.

Sion Evans

Various textures; hard, soft when copied, causes panic.

Bethen Evans

Phobia of phobias

The brain works in a mischievous way. For some reason

my brain tells me I'm terrified of cows and hate the thought

of touching feet. So how would it make you feel if you were

terrified of everything. A phobia of phobias. the panic people

with Phobophobia go threw when thinking of the different

terrifying situation does control there thoughts and runs

round and round their heads.

So how could you try to explain the phobias?

How one phobia can fuel another?

Anna Frew

Night Terror

Jon Hannan

Irrational Fear

Frederica Hodgkinson

Panic Head

The experience of panic is characterised by an

incredible variety of powerful thoughts, compulsions

and feelings. It's also an extremely personal thing.

This is my visualisation of the word, attempting to

convey that despite our brain trying to process the

world in an almost mechanical fashion, it can generate

signals and responses that are wildly confusing.

Alex Hoggarth

Panic is a sudden fear that dominates or replaces mans
are considered safe or unsafe.

Thea Jordan


Abstract use of the molecular structure of adrenaline,

symbolizing relax, respond and panic.

Ben Kither

British Woodlands

Nearly 50% of what little remained of the UK’s ancient

woodland in the 1930s has since been lost or damaged,

either through conversion to conifer plantation or

clearance for agriculture and development.

These woodland areas house animal and plant species

that are quintessentially British and if our actions don't

change soon enough they will be lost.

Maaya Lad

War walls

This wallpaper design is exploring the theme of women

in war, looking at the domestic side of war. It looks at how

women in some countries are treated and this piece represents

the restraintsthat women have in the house while war is going on.

It shows how they become panicked in the house due to their lack

of freedom.

Their walls becomes like a prison for them.

The guns represent the women being constraint due to battles in war.

Maria Liddy


An exploration of my earliest memory of feeling strong fear

and panic on a family holiday in Spain when I almost drowned

in a swimming pool, until I was luckily rescued by my father!

Kathryn McAteer

Fight or Flight

Heather McDonald

Forget Me Not

A gasp of air, the moment that the news is given.

The loss of mind and memory, something that cannot

be undone and the hopelessness of the situation.

Family, friends and life fading away into the darkness

of the degrading mind.

Abi Milnes

Don’t Lose Your Head

This design encapsulates my adaptation of panic.

It is trying to stay calm and not losing self-control, in a very

characteristically British way not showing our true feelings.

But sometimes you are overwhelmed by apprehension,

anxiety, and pressure and it has to be released.

My design is using distortion, pixilation and separated with the

idea of a sliding puzzle game, to emphasise the idea of chaos

and confusion, using a vivid blue to convey hesitation and

uncertainty. It expresses my state of panic and inner emotion.

Alessandra Mostyn

Mapping of Panic

Arran Murphy

Choose Life

Jo Ormiston

The concept for my wallpaper design is based on

the current 'pill popping' culture that we have today.

Most people can name at least one person that takes

medication for stress related illness. However, I can

name more than just a few, and each and every one

of them takes a range of medicine, varying in all sorts

of quantities, and types, but all do very similar things.

Each of the medicines in my design are ones that have

been prescribed, by doctors, for stress related illness,

including migraine, high blood pressure, depression,

anxiety and most importantly, panic attacks. The image

is built using medicine boxes designed to cure stress

related illness. The image composed with the intention

to initiate 'panic'."

Helen Priestly


A visual representation of each course member as a

speech bubble. Often, when left to ones own devices

we can feel calm and confident with our own thoughts

and ideas. However, after speaking to others and

hearing conflicting opinions and voices we can begin

to self-doubt, loose confidence and inevitably panic.

Fran Roberts

This poster illustrates the over use of Helvetica in

graphic design. The aesthetically pleasing font is

many design solutions a no-brainier due to its

simplicity and legibility...

Chris Scanlon

Emotional Prisoner

PANIC is an emotion we have all fallen victim to.

It consumes us and takes over our rational thought,

imprisoning our mind and body, making us act in a

way we cannot always control.